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Step into Durant Sessions and meet Dr. Lili, your dedicated neighborhood optometrist in the heart of Mount Pleasant. Dr. Lili cherishes the unique stories that each patient brings to her practice. She’s not just interested in how you see but is passionate about your perspective on life and eager to enhance your view of the world.

Dr. Lili Liang, Optometrist in Vancouver
Dr Lili Liang, Vancouver Optometrist

Our Personalized Approach

At Durant Sessions, every patient is a character in life’s rich narrative, whether you’re a budding author, a grandmother navigating the world of eyecare, or someone exploring their vision needs for the first time. Dr. Lili’s approach goes beyond conventional eye care; she believes that forging a genuine connection can inspire healthier lifestyles and clearer vision. This commitment to personal care and high optometric standards sets us apart.

Our Expertise

With degrees in Optometry and Public Health from Salus University, Dr. Lili’s expertise is broad and deep, influenced by her experiences across and beyond Vancouver. She brings this rich tapestry of knowledge to every consultation, ensuring comprehensive care tailored to the Mount Pleasant communities.

Our Space

Durant Sessions transcends the traditional optometry clinic. It’s a dynamic, engaging environment where you can get lost in our eclectic Samba Jazz collection or debate who the greatest female artist is (Dr. Lili is team Shakira!). Our space is designed to make you feel at ease and part of our community, enhancing every visit.

Our Community

As a true pillar of Mount Pleasant, Dr. Lili is deeply embedded in the wellbeing of her neighbors. She thrives on welcoming new patients and familiar faces alike, expanding her community one story at a time.

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