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Community Initiatives

Community Initiatives by Dr. Lili Liang: Eye Care Beyond Borders

Dr. Lili Liang firmly believes that quality eye care should be accessible to everyone. Her community initiatives extend beyond her practice, reaching out to those in need, locally and internationally.

TWECS Peru 2017: A Vision for Better Lives

As a key participant in the TWECS Peru 2017 initiative, Dr. Liang as part of a team provided essential eye care to 4,733 individuals in underserved districts around Lima. Her efforts were pivotal in changing lives, delivering one pair of glasses at a time, and bringing clear vision to those who needed it most.

Dr. Lili Liang, Optometrist in Vancouver
Dr. Lili Liang, Optometrist in Vancouver

Britannia Community Service Centre: Vision for Children's Future

In a significant local collaboration with The Eyeglasses Project and Clarity Eyecare, Dr. Liang played a crucial role in serving low-income families connected to four Vancouver inner-city schools. This initiative ensured that over 50 individuals, many of them children receiving their first pair of glasses, gained the gift of clear sight, enhancing their educational and personal development.

Mount Pleasant Neighbourhood House: Vision for Immigrant Families

Working alongside Mount Pleasant Neighbourhood House, Dr. Liang extended her reach to immigrant families, often led by single mothers. This initiative successfully provided 60 individuals with essential eye care, emphasizing Dr. Liang’s dedication to inclusivity and support for all community members.

Recognized Expertise

Dr. Liang’s insights into eye care have been featured in several influential articles, helping to educate the public on important health topics. Notably, she contributed her expertise to Pendulum Magazine on how to protect your eyes during the COVID-19 pandemic and debunked common eye care myths in another Pendulum article. These features highlight her role as a trusted authority in optometry.

Our Community

As a true pillar of Mount Pleasant, Dr. Liang is deeply embedded in the wellbeing of her neighbors. She thrives on welcoming new patients and familiar faces alike, expanding her community one story at a time.

Dr Lili Liang can help with contact lens fitting
Dr. Lili Liang, Optometrist in Vancouver

Dr. Lili Liang’s Pioneering Innovations in Eye Health

In addition to her profound impact through community service, Dr. Lili Liang has also made significant strides in digital health solutions. She is the visionary behind Yeux, an innovative app designed to promote healthier eye habits among users facing the challenges of prolonged screen time.

Yeux: Revolutionizing Eye Care Through Technology

Yeux utilizes the scientifically-backed 20-20-20 rule to mitigate eye strain. This app sends gentle reminders to users to look away from their screens every 20 minutes, focusing on an object 20 feet away for 20 seconds. It’s designed to adapt to various daily schedules with customizable features, making it an essential tool for anyone who wants to maintain optimal eye health in today’s digital age. 

Yeux has been successfully launched and is available on both iOS and Android platforms. It has been featured in leading publications like Vision Monday, Optical Prism, and Eye Care Business Magazine, underscoring its importance and effectiveness in the field of eye care.