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30 Minutes Intentional – Racism in Canada

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Because of my optometric training, I had spent four years in the US living in five different cities for rotations. This also means that I spent four years explaining to friends and colleagues how Canada is different from the US, how our healthcare system works, and how to use “eh” properly.

Amidst the BLM movement that is sweeping across the world, I cannot help but to ask myself:

Is Canada really as nice as what the Americans or the rest of the world perceived us?
How are we doing when it comes to racism compared to the US? Or to the rest of the world?

During my time in the US was the first time I witnessed systemic racism against Blacks and Latinos not only in the healthcare system but also among my own classmates in higher education. That was also the first time I had experienced micro-aggression towards myself being an Asian female. Now being back in Canada, I am re-examining the Canada that I knew. I had learned that Canada avoids having difficult conversations regarding certain topics. It feels too “un-Canadian”. I am hoping to open up an honest conversation about how Canada is doing when it comes to racism. My Canadian experience is what it is because of who I am. Another person’s experience in Canada would not be the same. Therefore I cannot draw conclusions on how Canada is based on just my own experience.

I want to have those conversations, as difficult as they could be.

Join me and Dr. Nana Owusu on our conversations series of “30 Minutes Intentional – Racism in Canada” where we discuss discrimination against the Black community on an individual level as well as in a professional setting. We will also be talking about how we can move forward.